Focus Areas

Boerger Investigative Services, LLC has provided quality, cost-effective private investigation services to our corporate, law firm, insurance and private clients across the United States and the World since 1998. 

Workers' Compensation


We have logged countless hours of surveillance on behalf of insurance companies, self-insured companies, insurance defense law firms and corporations. Our investigators are trained to adapt to the environments that exist in the states in which we operate.


Insurance Claims

Our team of experienced investigators are positioned to provide prompt investigation into a questionable insurance claim. Claimant interviews, neighborhood canvassing, background investigations, recorded statements, scene photos and forensic analysis are part of the investigative process. We have provided Special Investigation Unit (SIU) support to several national insurance companies.


Criminal Defense

​​We are experienced to provide investigative support in various criminal litigation matters. We have conducted court-appointed criminal defense involving capital murder, arson, rape and burglary. White collar crimes involving embezzlement, theft and ethics violations.


Background Checks

​Whether determining a witnesses' credibility or an applicant's eligibility for employment, a thorough background investigation is an essential step in the process. Our reports will reflect an individual's reputation, habits and lifestyle.

We have experience interviewing references and neighbors, checking credit, verifying education as well as research and retrieval of records archived and maintained anywhere in the United States.


Close Protection

All close protection agents have extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds and experience at all threat levels.  Family protection details, personal security escorts, hostile workplace protection, and event close protection teams to ensure your safety and protection from a myriad of possible threats.


We are very successful in locating witnesses, heirs, defendants, clients and others for a legal permissible purpose. 


Our search extends nationwide and are confirmed before providing any information to our clients.  The time needed to locate them is generally dependent on the amount of information provided.  We make every effort to resolve most locates within two weeks.