Investigative Internship

BIS offers an internship to students currently enrolled in a criminal justice, security and intelligence, or related course of study. Please contact the OSU Career Services Office at (614) 292-7055 for details on how to apply. DO NOT contact OSU if you are from another area school.


"The reality of this internship far exceeded my expectations. I have learned and experienced multitudes more than I expected. It has greatly improved my professional skills as well as groomed me for an array of investigative and security oriented careers."

~Jacob S. Dalessandro-Class of '10

"A meaningful internship is one that takes the student out of the academic setting and into the real world. BIS does exactly that. Interns are given the opporunity to interact with real clients who have real problems. The work is diverse, abundant, and serious, and it is up to the intern to decide how much he or she wants to get out of the experience. Those who make a serious commitment will not regret it."

~Michael A. Barth-Class of '09