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Boerger Investigative Services, LLC - Licensed Private Investigator Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Striving to provide the most cost-effective, results oriented investigative services to our clients.

Each and every client has unique needs and goals.  We work with clients to establish a workable and affordable action plan then implement it with all the available investigative resources and methods.  This page expresses the experiences that some of our clients have had with our service.

"I have had the pleasure of using Boerger Investigative Services for several years, primarily to locate Defendants in personal injury cases. Dean Boerger not only provides prompt responses to my requests but he is extremely accurate [which is of utmost importance]. Having utilized, often with frustration over time and accuracy, many other similar firms over the past 20 years, I can highly recommend Boerger Investigative Services."​

- David A. Bressman, Esq.

"We were recently in the unfortunate position of suspected employee misconduct, without the luxury of a long lead time. Dean Boerger and the professionals at Boerger Investigative Services were extremely responsive to our immediate requests for investigation and submitted timely reports on the incidents. Should any future needs arise for investigative services, Boerger will be the only professionals we contact."

- Rick Taylor

"As an English Solicitor needing urgent assistance in the United States and having tried several companies who failed to respond at all, Dean Boerger of Boerger Investigative Services LLC helped me immensely in providing me with essential information relating to the whereabouts and circumstances of a possible Defendant to an action in tort."

- Mark Pierce, Esq. - Partner

"Dean's investigative work is of great value to me and my firm. He has provided substantial background work for litigation support in more than one case, and his work is thorough, detailed, and consistently exceeds expectations. Dean works as a true team member. I highly recommend him."

- Holly Wallinger, Esq.

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